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Your Car Care Professionals

Wash n Go is a locally owned and operated Car Wash that has been in business for more than 15 years! We take pride in what we do that's why we believe in learning and investing in the latest in car care technology. Caring for your car is our number one priority.

Our Car Wash

Your car begins with a thorough hand-prep cleaning where our team tackles tough spots from bird droppings, bee pollen, and more. Then your car goes through our completely touch less tunnel where perfection is reached leaving your car spotless. 

The water we used is completely purified through a reverse-osmosis system that will not leave a water drops on your car. 

As your car care experts we believe in providing our customers with a high quality wash that will protect their cars exterior.

  • How often should I wash my car?
    Well that really depends, but we like to say whenever it is dirty! But we do have some food for thought for you...Our cars face many tough containaments such as dust, salt, rain, sprinklers, bird droppings and tree sap all which penetrate the wax or sealant and start eating away at your paint. You car is an investment, car washes are a great and reasonable way to protect and maintain your investment long term.
  • What are my options for waxing my car? And which should I choose?
    An express wax only lasts about 3-4 weeks, a quality Carnauba Wax lasts about 1-2 months and paint sealants last 4-6 months or more (depending on conditions). We recommend protecting your cars finish with Polymer Paint Sealant for the best long term results.
  • What is the best way to protect my car's finish?
    A modern polymer paint sealant is the best way to protect your car's finish. For years, Carnauba wax was the gold standard for paint protection, and Carnauba wax does give a deep shine to your vehicle. However, Carnauba wax only lasts for about two months. A polymer paint sealant provides an interlocking layer of proctection for your car's finish. A paint sealant makes your car look great, and will last six months or more.
  • What is "Clay Magic" Treatment?"
    Clay Magic ® is the latest advancement in car care technology. If your paint has been unprotected, dirt and pollutants get stuck in the the pores of your paint. Clay Magic ® is wiped over the surface of your car with a lubricant. The clay extracts all of the dirt and leaves the pores of your paint clean and ready for paint sealant or wax. After a car us washed it's amazing to see the amount of dirt Clay Magic ® will pull out of the car's finish. Ask a Wash 'N' Go detail technician for a demonstration on your car.
  • There are no dryers at Wash n Go? How does my car dry without spots?
    At Wash n Go we use a Spot Free Rinse which in simpler terms, is reverse osmosis is pushing water through a membrane (filter) that traps the minerals from one side and allows the pure water to flow from the other side. By using RO, it is possible to remove the unseen, non-water materials out of the final rinse water and eliminate those unsightly spots.
  • Is your car wash environmentally safe?
    Yes! In fact, that is one of our biggest priorities. All our water is recycled and treated and your typical car wash uses less water than an average at home car wash.
  • Do I need to make an appointment for Detail Services?
    No, walk-in's are welcome! But an appointments are recommended so we can properly schedule and all us to give your priority.
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